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Reviews for They Never Die Quietly

“Annechino has clearly taken the time to immerse himself in the…ways of the modern day serial killer and in his debut novel, They Never Die Quietly he adds his own bizarre twists…  The vivid imagery is not for the faint of heart and with a gritty plotline and well-developed characters; I look forward to the sequel.”     –  Suspense Magazine

“This fast-paced and amazing story twists through the labyrinth of evil like a Ferrari.  I was on the edge of my seat the entire time!”  –  Paula Brandes, guest reviewer for Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, on They Never Die Quietly

D.M. Annechino’s They Never Die Quietly is a suspenseful thriller with all the right ingredients.  The author blends all these ingredients into a story that keeps you turning the page.  This story ranks right up there with some of Deaver’s and Patterson’ work.”  –  Steven M. Moore, author of Survivors of the Chaos

They Never Die Quietly is a gripping and gruesome commentary on religious fundamentalism.  It feels like something John Sanford wrote and would make quite an exciting movie.”  –  The Boogle.com

“They Never Die Quietly by D.M. Annechino is a great, scary story!  A page turner that keeps you up well past midnight!”  –  BookReadersHeaven.com

“Not for the faint of heart, Annechino offers well-written prose and likeable detectives in addition to knowing when to pull back the intentionally shocking descriptions.  Fans of James Patterson should give They Never Die Quietly a chance to get under their skin.” – Suite101.com

“The writing style was excellent.  The descriptions were clear.  The dialogue was realistic.  I would love to read a more planned-out novel by this author.”  –  RedAdeptReviews.com on They Never Die Quietly

“A thriller novel that will curdle your blood.”  – TheDeepeningWorldofFiction.com on They Never Die Quietly

They Never Die Quietly is a well-crafted mystery/thriller which will hold your attention beginning to end.  First rate and well done!”  –  Cym Lowell, blog

They Never Die Quietly is chilling, horrific, and thrilling.  Mr. Annechino has really researched about serial killers and it shines though his writing.  Mr. Annechino writes so vividly it’s like a motion picture playing across your eyes.  Definitely a must-read for thriller and mystery fans!  Highly recommended and I can’t wait to read the next one!”  –  MindingSpot.com

“This is a well-crafted book.  Dan Annechino has taken a bit of a risk by revealing the villain so early on, but it’s a risk that pays off.  They Never Die Quietly is a great read, and clearly Amazon is in agreement.”  –  BloggerNews.com

“I found I couldn’t put it down.  It is fast-paced and a true page-turner.  I’ve read many thrillers in the past and can honestly say that this is one of the better ones I’ve read.  If you love crime fiction, detective stories, or thrillers, make sure you add this one to your reading list.  Annechino is writing a sequel to this book called Resuscitation, and I’m really looking forward to reading that one as well.  He promises it to be even better!”  –  JustOneMoreParagraph.com on They Never Die Quietly

“A riveting tale.”  – FascinatingAuthors.com on They Never Die Quietly

“The author has the talent to make you cringe, yet you want to keep reading.  Annechino is a talented writer who can pull emotion out of this reader.”  TheCajunBookLady.com on They Never Diet Quietly

“If you want to read a truly chilling tale, come face to face with a demonical, psychopathic serial killer and a very determined…yet somewhat insecure…homicide detective whose mind is set on catching him, this is the book for you!”  – AnotherFoggyNotion.com on They Never Die Quietly

“I finished the book in one day.  I could not put it down.  There were a lot of twists and turns and a bunch of surprises.  I recommend the book to anyone who likes a good thriller and mystery.  I look forward to the sequel, Resuscitation.”  –  YouSayToo.com on They Never Die Quietly


2 responses to “Kudos and More

  1. Candy Lind

    I’ve read all of your books & loved them…..I’m looking forward to reading “Hypocristy”

  2. Thanks so much, Candy. You made my day. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Really been busy preparing for the release of Hypocrisy. Coming soon!

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