Stupid Dog Owners

Yes, this is off-topic for me, particularly because I’ve been posting info on More Than a Soldier, my latest book. In fact, to be truthful, I’ve probably bored my visitors to tears with my constant nagging. In any event, the purpose of this post has nothing to do with promoting any books; it has to do with complete idiots.

Dogs have collars (as they should).  However, when I see some moron walking their dog and yanking on the leash because the dog is too far behind or too far ahead, I’d like to grab that leash and wrap it around THEIR necks and take THEM for a little walk. Not all dog owners do this, of course, but I witness people choking their dogs nearly every day. I have three very simple solutions. #1- Spend a couple bucks and buy a harness that won’t strangle your dog when you take him/her for a walk.  #2 – The next time you find yourself choking your dog, punch yourself in the throat. #3 – Put your dog up for adoption. If you find a suitable owner, buy a harness and give it to the new owner as a gift. #4 – If you miss having a pet, get a betta fish.



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