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Return From the Abyss

As you can see, I haven’t posted a single word since June 19, 2014. I know that it’s rude and irresponsible for me not to update my blog regularly, particularly because I have many loyal followers who have read all four of my novels and have taken the time to write positive reader reviews on This is not my first disappearing act. Over the years, I’ve vanished on several occasions, promising that it won’t happen again, only to let it happen again. This period of silence is the longest since I started my website.

I have no valid excuse to justify my desertion, except to say that my fifth novel, which I completed a short time ago, completely consumed me. Again, it’s not an acceptable excuse; it’s merely an explanation.

So, where do I go from here? More excuses and explanations, or do I get off my ass and do the right thing? I guess that’s a compelling question I’m unable to answer right now. Time will tell.



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