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Amazing Little Creatures

There are a lot of hummingbirds in San Diego fluttering around here and there. I find them fascinating. Recently, my wife and I noticed a tiny bird’s nest constructed on the branch of one of my neighbor’s six-foot plants just outside the entrance to her apartment. Not the most ideal place for a nest but I’m sure mom had her reasons for building it there. We try our best not to disturb mom while she roosts on her two eggs, but sometimes because of the close proximity to our courtyard, she gets spooked if anyone gets too close to her.

It’s hard to accurately estimate just how many hours mom roosts on her unborn kids, but she rarely leaves them alone. I suspect she takes periodic meal breaks, stretches her wings, does her business, but stays perched on top of those eggs 23 hours a day. The evening air is pretty cold—at least by San Diego standards—so mom has to be diligent about keeping her young ones warm or they won’t survive the chilly nights.

These tiny birds really make me think about the validity of intelligent design. I’m not searching for an argument or debate, but when you consider that this tiny creature, weighing no more than two ounces, with a brain the size of a pea, possesses the instinct to engineer a remarkably well-crafted nest, and knows she must care for her little ones by keeping them insulated from the cold, then when they hatch, tends to them and feeds them until they’re able to spread their wings and fly, I wonder how anyone could possibly conclude that this incredible phenomenon, which represents the wonders of so many other creatures—including humans—could possibly be the result of the Big Bang theory. How could the wonders of nature, so vast and so amazing, be an accident?



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