A New Realty

About three weeks ago I submitted a copy of my 4th novel to my editor at Amazon Publishing for her evaluation. In the past—long before Amazon Publishing evolved from a small operation with 10 employees and 5 authors to a Mega Publisher working with over 200 authors—I’d submit a manuscript and was reviewing a publishing contract the next day. Not any longer. They now ask you to wait 30 days for them to decide whether or not they want to publish your book. I guess this is called progress, but not from my point of view.

Although Amazon’s attitude, marketing strategies, and author relations policies far surpass those of the “Big Six” publishers in New York City, the intimacy that once existed between publisher and author is no longer a business model. In the early days, on any given day I could pick up the telephone, call my editor, or author relations manager, even the head honcho, and actually speak to them on the telephone. In this new age, I must cherish the phone numbers already in my contact list because Amazon now has a policy that prohibits any employee from revealing another employees phone number.

My editor promised a yah or nay by November 4th, which is rapidly approaching. What puzzles me and concerns me is the fact that to date, I’ve heard absolutely nothing from her. I wasn’t expecting her to hold my hand or give me daily progress reports. But I did expect that at some point during the 30-day evaluation she might at least touch base and give me a brief overview of her thoughts thus far. Maybe, considering the number of submissions she has to evaluate, my manuscript is sitting on the corner of her desk collecting dust. Maybe she’s so busy and overloaded with manuscripts that she’s either going to give it a quick read this weekend or extend the November 4th deadline. Whatever the case, I’ve chewed my fingernails down to the bone.

To preserve what little sanity I have left, I’m over 20,000 words into book #5. I think it has a thought provoking title: A Piece of You. Can you guess what it’s about?


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