Here we go Again

For those of you who believe I left the galaxy, I’m letting you know that I am actually still occupying space on planet Earth. Since the day I created my web site/blog, time and time again I’d vanish and then apologize for my absence. As a novelist, I know that it’s essential for me to stay visible and to attract as many readers as possible to my web site. And the only way to accomplish that goal is to post regularly.

I haven’t updated my blog since June 2! That’s inexcusable! It’s also damaging to my writing career. Readers have lots of choices and if a writer doesn’t remain visible, his or her loyal followers will jump ship and a promising career can come to a screeching halt. So, here I go again; promising not to vanish for weeks and months, to update my blog regularly even if I only write two sentences. Keep me honest if I go back on my word. In fact, feel free to browbeat me. Enough said.

On a more productive note, it might interest you to know (I hope) that I just finished Hypocrisy, novel #4. I’ll be submitting it to Amazon Publishing in a day or so. Although they published my first three novels, there is no guarantee that they will publish my latest work. Each book has to stand on its own merits. I’m hopeful, of course, that my editor will fall in love with this book, but I’ll be biting my fingernails until I get the “verdict.”

Just in case you’re interested, Hypocrisy is a medical mystery/thriller about cancer research. It’s a compelling story that will make you ask lots of questions about our healthcare system and the politics of cancer treatments. I’ll let you know whether or not Amazon agrees to publish this book. Stay tuned for updates.


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