Here’s a Wild Idea

Just think, it’s only March and already I’m sick and tired of the presidential campaign. With the election a little over 7 months away, I just can’t wait until the candidates kick their campaigns into high gear, and every other commercial on network TV will be related to the election. I’ve watched a few of the GOP debates—too many, in fact—I check in with MSNBC and CNN regularly, and when I can stomach it, I even peek at FOX, although I must admit that it’s pretty painful.

This is not my first ride on the turnip truck; I’ve been around for a while and have voted in every presidential election since . . . well, let’s just say it’s been a long, long time. Although the year changes and the candidates come and go, one thing never changes: Nearly all the candidates run cliché-riddled, negative campaigns. They love to tell us everything that’s wrong with the other guy, but can’t really tell us why they would be our best choice for president, Senator, etc. Sure, they talk in general terms, and waltz around the issues like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rodgers. But few, if any, offer a detailed, comprehensive plan to move our country forward and resolve the issues that concern voters most.

What I’d like to hear—and I believe the rest of the country does as well—is a specific plan. Don’t say that we need to overhaul Medicare, Social Security, the tax code, and our health care system. We all know that. Tell us HOW you’re going to make it happen. Outline a step-by-step strategy that makes sense and isn’t some pie-in-the-sky pipedream.

How are you going to reduce the deficit? How are we going to compete with China? How are you going to continue with much needed social programs without bankrupting the country? When are you going to get us out of Afghanistan? How are you going to create jobs? These are the questions we want answered. Take off your dancing shoes, roll up your sleeves, step into the spotlight, and answer direct questions with direct answers. Then, and only then, will you earn our respect and our vote.






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2 responses to “Here’s a Wild Idea

  1. I agree 10000000000%. I don’t care what party it is; I want some good ideas that will work. Spend less money on campaigning. Stay in Washington D.C. or where ever the candidate is working and give a speech on the grand plan….then I will decide if I want to vote for that person.

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