Hello Rick Perry, Goodbye Environment

When I was working out at the gym a couple of days ago, I watched a town hall meeting on CNN with presidential candidate Rick Perry as the speaker. After his speech, in which he basically spoke in generalities without outlining specific measures to address America’s problems, he opened up the forum to questions. Someone asked, “What’s your position on the environment?” He took about a nanosecond to answer. “My position is simple,” he said. “Business comes first.” He went on to talk about the EPA in a most unfavorable way.

Now on the surface his statement might not strike a sensitive nerve, but when you read between the lines, there’s a profound message. If business comes first, then the environment comes last; it can’t be both ways. His position was as transparent as Colorado spring water. If he’s elected president, he will propose legislation to relax and minimize the regulations enforced by the EPA. Translated: to preserve and maximize their profits, corporations will be allowed to dump sewage in our oceans and lakes, and pollute the air with toxic chemicals because it costs less to pollute than
to preserve clean air and water.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that the EPA, like all bureaucracies, needs a major overhaul. However, the regulations protecting our environment should not in any way be a target for compromise. Is this the kind of mindset we want running the country? Needless to say, Rick Perry won’t—under any circumstances—earn my vote.


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