Gaga over Gaga

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the last year, I’m sure you’ve heard of Lady Gaga. Love her or hate her, she’s made quite a splash in the music world. Many influential people in music believe that she’s going to surpass Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, and even Whitney Houston in popularity. When I heard this prediction, I said, “What the hell is this world coming to?”

Having celebrated my teenage years in the 60’s (wow, the 60’s!?), I was and still am a rocker. From the Beetles to the Who to the Stones and everything in between, I cut my teeth on good old-fashioned Rock n Roll. But like most people, over the years my appreciation for music expanded. I still love classic rock, but I also enjoy artists like Sting, Sade, David Sanborn, Seal, Tears for Fears, Sarah McLachlan, Elton John, and many more. I’ll even listen to a hip hop tune or a country song once in a while.

I always felt that my flair for music was rather eclectic and diverse, and that I was very open-minded even with the most outlandish performer.  But when I heard about Lady Gaga and saw a short clip of her performing, I pretty much made up my mind that her music would never, ever make it to my iPod.

Well, the other night I was clicking through the channels and came across an HBO special: Lady Gaga’s Monster Tour from Madison Square Garden. She had previously sold out four performances at Radio City Music Hall in February and then sold out four more performances at the Garden. Curious to see just how off-the-charts outrageous she was, I decided to watch it for a few minutes. Two hours later, when the credits were rolling on the screen, and I was totally glued to the TV, I understood what the buzz was all about.

If you can get past her foul mouth, her clown-like make-up, ridiculous shoes, orange hair, and nearly-naked outfits, she’s not only a fantastic performer, but her music sticks in your head for days–not to mention that her voice is incredible. Right now as I write this post, one of her tunes, “You and I,” is locked in my head. I can’t get it out. To be clear, her music is not even close to the type of music I listen to. I call it “Bubble-Gum” music that appeals to thirteen-year-old girls. But I’m here to tell you, and I’ll admit it to the whole world: I like her and I love her music. So, either I’m going through a monumental mid-life crisis or she’s as good as the music experts say. Either way, I’m going to fire up iTunes and download a bunch of her music.



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2 responses to “Gaga over Gaga

  1. Ken

    Hello Everybody..”I am a Lady Gaga-aholic” too
    she is talented and her musicas well as her performances are full of modern social satire. She is the new to speak

  2. dmannechino

    Madonna tothe 10th power.

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