21st Century Racism

Led by Donald Trump, the Republican Party got what they wanted: President Obama’s full birth certificate. But you know what? I haven’t heard anyone apologize for their wild accusations or for questioning the president’s honesty. In fact, Big-Mouth-Trump put an interesting spin on this ridiculous sideshow. This is not an exact quote, but basically, this is what he said:  “Now that we’ve put this to rest, we can get on with the business of solving the country’s problems.” Really, Donald?

But here’s the problem: in a recent poll, Road Runner asked its subscribers this
question: “With the birth certificate now released, are you confident about
Obama’s birthplace?” Guess what? 49% of the people who voted said, “No.” Can
you believe that half of the people surveyed still don’t believe him? What does
President Obama have to do, provide a video of his mother giving birth to him
in a Hawaiian hospital? Has any other president in recent history gone through
such birthplace scrutiny?

Here’s the heart of the matter. President Obama lives under a microscope not because his birthplace is in question, not because he’s the president, and not because there are any reasons to question his integrity. His father was a Kenyan
Muslim, and he is an African-American, and the sad truth is that as much as we
hate to admit it, many Americans still live in the dark ages. This is clearly
an issue of racism. If he were white, the subject of his birthplace wouldn’t
even be an issue. He was and is targeted because he’s black.

Since he’s taken office, an undertone of racism has followed him around like a dark cloud. People are taking potshots at him constantly. And many of these attacks have nothing to do with his performance as president. It’s sad that in this day and age, racism still exists in America. Haven’t we evolved from segregation and white-only bathrooms? Should whites force African-Americans to ride the back of the bus again, just like they did a few decades ago?

This is a sad commentary on an insidious attitude that infects our society. Isn’t it
time for Americans to cross the great divide and promote equality?


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