Okay, I Admit it

A few years back, when I was working a traditional “day-job”, I would often overhear some of my colleagues gathered around the coffee machine, chatting about the latest American Idol show the morning after a broadcast. Not a fan, in fact, absolutely hating the show, I’d call my workmates losers and brainless twits. I mean come on. What would motivate any adult with an I.Q. over 53 to watch such an adolescent reality show? 

Then a few years ago—I think it was season five—I was clicking through the channels looking for something to watch, and I stumbled upon Jordan Sparks belting out a tune. Hmm, I thought. She had an incredible voice. So I decided to watch the show for a bit, knowing that I’d never confess to my colleagues that I had actually watched American Idol. 

Glued to the TV for nearly an hour, I discovered that Jordan Sparks was not the only singer with a remarkable voice. So, as much as it went against the grain of my common sense, I was surprisingly intrigued with the show. A week passed and I found myself in front of the TV again, watching Idol. But this time, from beginning to end. Well, I guess you can figure out the rest. I’ve been watching Idol religiously ever since. It’s one of my favorite programs, and I don’t think I’ve missed even a minute for the last few years. In fact, you could call me an American Idol-oholic. 

As much as I hate to admit it, over the years I’ve watched performances and brief biographies about some of the contestants that brought me to tears. Here’s my prediction for this year. The top two finalists will be Pia Toscano and Jacob Lusk. Both have been blessed with extraordinary voices. But Jacob is going to squeak by and win the title. 

Now please do me a favor. If you happen to run into any American Idol fans that used to work with me, please don’t tell them that I’m hooked. If they find out, I’ll have to leave the country.



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4 responses to “Okay, I Admit it

  1. JAC

    Now that you’ve admitted you have a problem, you’re halfway to recovery. Good luck. Jacob does have a phenomenal voice. 🙂

  2. Daniel

    Boo, hiss.

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