Death Sentence

Back in September and October of last year—just before the elections—I saw a news clip of Jan Brewer at a press conference when she was campaigning for governor of Arizona. Watching her avoid answering nearly every question, and appalled by the few answers she did provide, I thought to myself, “No way will the voters of Arizona elect this fruitcake to the governor’s office.” Guess what? She won. But it wasn’t just her sidestepping questions that struck me; it was her facial expressions. I saw something eerie behind those beady eyes. 

It didn’t take very long for Governor Brewer to confirm my initial feelings about her. She’s not only a fruitcake, she’s a monster. She recently spearheaded legislation to cut Medicaid benefits to nearly 100 people waiting for organ transplants. Governor Brewer has literally sentenced these people to death. Two have already died and if nothing changes, more deaths are looming.   

Granted, Arizona, like many states across the nation is faced with enormous budget deficits. The lawmakers have to make painful cuts in spending for social programs and other essential services. I can only imagine how difficult it is to decide which programs to cut.  But hey, it’s one thing to trim after-school programs for kids, or to make cuts to public transportation, and quite another issue altogether when these cutbacks jeopardize lives. 

Here are two facts that help substantiate the absurdity of this decision. First, Governor Brewer claims that transplants do not extend lives. She believes that transplant recipients do not benefit from transplants, so why spend the money. What? Is she a physician? Does she have medical training that would support her position? Now bear in mind that dozens of healthcare professionals have come forward and disputed her claim, pointing out that transplants do, in fact, extend lives. Second, this entire program costs less than two million dollars. And when you talk about government budgets, two-million-dollars is chump-change. 

What really surprises me (well, maybe it doesn’t), most Republicans support Governor Brewer’s “death panel”. To the best of my knowledge, no Republicans have come forward opposing this insane legislation, or at least have not made their position newsworthy. Aren’t there any conservative politicians out there with a conscience? How could anyone with even a grain of common decency or moral responsibility support this horrific legislation?

Issues like this make me ashamed to be an American. And please don’t insult me with the “love America or leave it cliché.” If supporting legislation that kills people makes me an American, then  I would gladly give up my citizenship. I hear Canada is nice.



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3 responses to “Death Sentence

  1. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    i have genuine serious concern for the USA Dave i must say. The moral and ethical issues that are rported on a daily basis and the responses we see on this side of the world by commentators are truly worrying. Combine that with the way the economy is going and the projected path over the next 10 years is going to have huge ramifications in a geopolitical sense and also on the domestic front for the citizens of your country and unfortunately there is no quick fix.

    • Daniel

      You’re absolutely correct: There is no quick fix. Unless we overhaul our government from top to bottom and set a new course for America, one day in the not-too-distant future, we will see a total meltdown. Our government is driven by greed and a hunger for power. Until we find a way to rid ourselves of career politicians, whose primary goal is to get re-elected, basically, we’re screwed.

  2. Sir Ronald Bradnam


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