Back in the Saddle

I’m back. Sorry about the short hiatus, but my focus has been on preparing my manuscript for the careful eyes of a professional proofreader/copy editor. Now that it’s off my desk and on his, I feel really strange. I’ve been writing full-time since May of this year, working more hours than I did when I had a “day job”. At the end of every day, I’d say to my wife, “When this book is done, I’m going to take two months off and do nothing but watch soap operas and eat chocolate bonbons.” Well, that didn’t last long. In fact, it never started. 

So instead of sitting on my butt, I dug up a novel—a political thriller I wrote about 15 years ago. As I scanned through the pages, reading a passage here and a passage there, I realized that this manuscript was a diamond in the rough. It needs work—lots of work—particularly because certain historic events make the current story out of sync with reality. But boy does it have potential. It’s a pretty good story, has an original theme, and the plot has lots of twists and turns. And I also think it has a few very interesting characters. 

After I wrote this novel, I found an agent willing to represent me, and she shopped it to every major—and a few not-so-major—publishers on the planet. Over the course of several months, I amassed the most impressive collection of form rejection letters anyone could possibly imagine. But one editor from a major house actually sent me a personalized letter. I don’t remember the exact verbiage, but it went something like this: 

“I am very impressed with your manuscript. Your plot is original and you really nailed the narrative. This book has great potential. However, in today’s market, it is very difficult for us to invest in a first-time novelist with no track record or established readers. Perhaps a smaller publisher might be more willing to work with you. Thanks for contacting us. I wish you much success in the future.” 

So, that’s basically why this book has been collecting dust for 15 years. Now that I have my foot in the publishing door, so to speak, with They Never Die Quietly, and hopefully with Resuscitation, the sequel, I at least have some semblance of a track record, and hopefully, the resurrected novel might get some attention. 

Needless to say, there will be no hiatus for me. No soap operas. No bonbons. My fingers are already dancing on the keyboard, and my mind is exploding with all sorts of ideas. But I love every stressful minute of it.


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