Reality Bites

If you watch TV on a regular basis, you know that the networks are flooded with reality shows. You can watch everything from talent shows to survival shows to cross country races. You can watch a handsome, successful bachelor chose a wife from a stable of wannabes. Or, you can watch Donald Trump humiliate someone in front of 10 million viewers. And if it floats your boat, you can even watch an overweight person lose 100 pounds right before your eyes.

Although I must admit that I watch American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance, for the most part, I hate mindless reality shows. I thought I had seen it all, but reality TV has set a new benchmark for stupidity. I saw a commercial the other day announcing a new show called Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Apparently, for those interested, you can watch the Palin family hunt, fish, and bake chocolate brownies. TV as we know it has now hit an all-time low.

Can you even imagine the mentality of someone who would watch this ridiculous show? What has happened to our culture? Have we become so shallow that a mindless show like this can actually capture high enough ratings to survive?

What next? Maybe George W. Bush can launch his own reality show. And maybe they can call it, “How I Convinced a Bunch of Minions to Bomb the Shit Out of Iraq”. The possibilities for reality TV are endless.

One more thing: Speaking of George W. Bush, his book, entitled, Decision Points, a memoir, was released on November 9th. It would have been released sooner, but it had to be translated into English.



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