The Big Bang Theory

As a Christian, I have engaged in several impassioned debates about God and creation with a number of atheists.  I can understand why someone might dismiss a particular religion, but I don’t quite understand how any reasonable person can dismiss the existence of a Higher Power. There are lots of mysteries and unanswered questions about who God is exactly. But if you take a look around, it’s pretty hard to buy into the theory that the entire universe and all its wonders resulted from a big bang.

If you know anything at all about Christianity in particular, it’s easy to see how one can question the legitimacy of the Bible and the claim that it is God’s word. Few documents in the universe are as complicated and controversial. Personally, I have many issues with the Old Testament; there are so many things I simply don’t understand. But, as a Christian, I am driven by faith and embrace the Bible unconditionally as the word of God.

Here’s what puzzles me. I can accept the fact that not every person walking the Earth shares my religious beliefs. Some people worship Allah, some Buda, others a Golden Calf. Most people believe in some form of God or Divine Being or Creator. But atheists don’t. They subscribe to the notion that the universe and all its wonders are the result of some random event.

How could this be? How did total nothingness evolve to the universe and all its wonders? Let’s forget about religion and examine this from a scientific perspective. Doesn’t intelligent design suggest an intelligent designer? Isn’t this a scientific axiom? I’ve asked atheists to explain how the universe came to be, but not one can come up with a plausible explanation. Atheists do not rely on faith; they embrace science and logic. Supposedly anyway. If this is true, why can’t they come up with a scientific explanation of our existence?

Did you ever watch an airplane zooming down a runway and lift off into the air? Was the creation of this airplane a random event? Was there an explosion in a scrap metal yard which resulted in the creation of an airplane? Did all the metal, glass, electrical components, gauges, wings, seats, rivets randomly form an airplane, or was its intelligent design created by an intelligent designer?

I challenge any atheist in the world to offer a plausible, scientific explanation of where we came from, without the element of faith.



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17 responses to “The Big Bang Theory

  1. I would rather worry about what I can do in the here and now. That’s the only reality I have.

  2. Daniel

    That’s exactly the response I expected. Neither you nor any other atheist can explain creation based solely on science.

  3. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    As an atheist I find it impossible to definitely describe how the universe was created and we will never truly know. To say that it was a greta ball of matter and gaseous compounds that exploded is still far more plausible than saying it was molded by a supernatural sky fairy.

    • Daniel

      You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but can you even begin to explain how something came from nothing without some form of intervention from a higher power?

  4. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    just because something cant be explained totally without question does not mean that there is a supernatural dictator who treated everything like play doh. The underlying issue with most religions and there zealots is everything is focused on faith and belief as decreed generally by an old man in a silly hat and a white and gold dress who has a mental phone to this supernatural dictator who tells only him what his followers are to believe.
    Just because I cant explain something yet doesnt mean it was created by magic.

  5. Daniel

    Differences of opinion make the world more interesting. I respect your viewpoint. However, I do believe in the adage, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” In fact, my atheist uncle had a heart attack a few years ago, and guess what he was doing while lying in intensive care, not knowing if he would live or die? He was praying to God. I asked him how an atheist could possibly be praying to a God that doesn’t exist, and he answered, “When you’re facing the Grim Reaper, you suddenly find God.” Interesting, huh?

  6. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    No not really interesting. What is interesting the world over is however religious fanatics that dont have the ability to debate a case and revert to little anecdotes like you have just given us. your uncle prayed from fear which is a basic human response to a situation, once again it doesnt go one inch towards proving the existance of a vengful supernatural dictator who will stand at a set of gates in the clouds and hold up a stopsign to every person hwo didnt contrgate and ritualise his existance whilst on this tiny little piece of rock in the middle of a universe he molded with his bare hands a few years back.
    I will make a deal and no christian has ever been able to do this and i have askled dozens, show me on piece of PHYSICAL evidence (not a belief) of the existance of a greater spiritual being and I will go to church everday for the rest of my life. ( I truly expect you to fudge around this)

  7. Daniel

    No fudging here. I accept your challenge. However, to clearly argue the issue, I must rely on the help of those skilled in the art of apologetics. I am a mere layperson. So here’s the deal: I would like you to read three books, and I’m sure they are available at your local library.

    The Case for a Creator and The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel, investigative journalist, and Letters from a Skeptic by Greg and Edward Boyd.

    If after reading these books you can honestly say that they do not provide one shred of evidence for the existence of God, I will stop going to church.

    Now I fully expect that you will come up with 101 reasons why you won’t, cannot, or refuse to accept my challenge, which can only serve to support my position. I have read books by notable atheists like God is not Great by Christopher Hitchens and I’ve yet to find any evidence that would lead me to believe that the atheist perspective is valid.

    And by the way, faith is a product of the human condition. If it were not for faith, we would all live in plastic bubbles. We have faith in doctors, electricians, in our automobiles, and we have faith in airplanes. In fact, faith is more a part of our lives and daily activities than science.

    So what do you say? If you truly want to hear arguments from the “other side” then why not accept my challenge?

  8. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    Having read the case for christ and The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel who calls himself an investigative journalist but then fails to do basic research to get a balance from both sides yet chooses to attack non believers without interveiwing them, i wouldnt waste my time even attempting to read anymore. You as a writer yourself would understand the need for proper research prior to anything being written or thesis being proposed yet are happy to accept his writings as definite proof of the existance of an intelligent creator. Faith is a human condition true and I do at times put my faith in other human beings when nessacary as they are trained and have a knowledge and specialty on a tangible subject that i may need. also a doctor etc are real and can be seen and touched (physical evidence) i wouldnt put my faith in the tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, or a unicorn as they are mythological. So I accept your challenge and have completed it, so which church is it you are going to stop going to? As with most followers I fully expect you to renege on your written agreement anyway.
    The first challenge was for you to produce a physical piece of evidence, do you accept that challenge. I thought not.

    • Daniel

      Don’t you just love spirited debates?

      Okay, if you did, in fact, read The Case for Christ and The Case for a Creator, COVER TO COVER and can honestly tell me that you did not find “one piece of PHYSICAL evidence (not a belief) of the existence of a greater spiritual being”, I must say I am shocked. Also, you didn’t mention, Letters From a Skeptic. Did you also read this book? If not, you didn’t fully comply with my challenge.

      You’ve forced me to rely on some heavy artillery based on 7 of my personal experiences, where Divine Intervention was so obvious, I can’t imagine anyone who can chew gum and walk at the same time discounting these experiences as coincidence. I’m willing to share these experiences with you but there are two conditions.

      First, you must agree to take me at my word. If you don’t believe me, then what’s the point? Second, I don’t want to communicate these personal experiences through a public network, therefore, I would like to communicate directly through e-mail. If you decline, I understand. But if you’d like to continue with this discussion, send me a personal e-mail at Hope to hear from you soon.

  9. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    as like most fanatics your word means nothing you have firstly failed to meet your written obligation that you would stop going to church, your right I also couldnt inflict even trying to read that last load of rubbish and you are still unable to produce a physical shred of evidence. Science is elimanating more and more of the absurd notions of the organised church, it wasnt that long ago that learned people were executed by the pope of the day for daring to counter the churches insistance that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the flat earth and like the great supernatural spiritual dictator in the clouds that moulded the universe, this will one day be proven, thought i doubt that you will accept that science. Youve have already broken your word so why would i now have to accept you word, i dont think so.

    • Daniel

      Apparently, you did not clearly understand my challenge. You can play the semantics game as much as you like, but the fact remains that you did not fulfill your end of the bargain, so why would I honor YOUR challenge? You can call the books I suggested, rubbish, and you can refuse to read, Letters From a Skeptic, but the bottom line is that YOU blew it, not me.

      I thought you and I were having a spirited, civil conversation, but the tone of your last letter was clearly hostile.

      I truly wanted to share some of my life experiences with you, not to “convert” you, but to give you something to think about. But you have indirectly accused me of being a liar, so there is no need to continue with the debate.

      By the way, religion is man-made, therefore the actions of the Pope, radical Islam, or any other stupid ritual created by man is not the work of God. How can you hold God accountable for the actions of humans? I do not follow the doctrines of any organized religion. My faith is based on a direct relationship with God. Yes, I am a Christian, but I do not follow any man-made rules, philosophies, or mandates.

      One last point: I’d like to know how any intelligent person can possibly examine the marvel of procreation, the mystery of healing, the wonders of nature, the balance of the universe, the extraordinary behaviors and characteristics of the animal kingdom–just to name of few of the phenomenons in the universe–and believe that all of this was just an unexplainable accident. How could anyone deny that there has to be some kind of higher power?


  10. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    i only look at this as spirited debate, however like all fanatics you feel the need to convert the great unwashed to your beliefs, all followers look down on atheists, secular society because they believe that they have something that we want or need, and that the only way to discover that is through them, nothing is further from the truth. I love my life and family and do many many hours a week with charity work and the community, i dont need fulfilling but am happy to debate with you.
    I did clearly understand your challenge 100% and I go back to the original challenge I set that you cant complete, show me one physical piece of evidence.

    • Daniel

      I am amazed at the number of grossly inaccurate conclusions you’ve made from the few exchanges of opinions we shared. Forgive me for saying this but it seems you suffer from a persecution complex. You put words in my mouth that I haven’t spoken. Let me set the record straight. First, I am not a religious fanatic by any means, although many Christian Conservatives are. And frankly, they make me sick. Second, I am not trying to “convert” you; I’m merely trying to understand your perspective. Third, I know a number of atheists, one of whom is my closest friend, and she is the most compassionate, charitable, loving person I ever met. She and I have had many heated debates over our differences of opinion. However, we agree to disagree in a civil manner, without name calling and gross assumptions. What did I say to make you conclude that I look down on atheists?

      You have never met a believer who could produce one shred of scientific evidence that a Higher Power exists. I have never met an atheist who can prove scientifically that a Higher Power doesn’t exist. Nor have I found any atheist who can explain how the universe and all its wonders were magically “created” from nothingness without being created. What puzzles me more than anything is how any atheist can look at the extraordinary design of the human body and the animal kingdom—just to name two wonders—and conclude that they were not the work of an intelligent Creator. I’m not suggesting that you or any other atheist believe in God based on any specific definition. However, to refute the existence of some higher power seems totally illogical.

      I have a real problem with traditional organized religion because history has proven that radical religious beliefs cause more wars and conflict than any other factor. Look at the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. And what about Israel and the Palestinians? That is why I belong to a non-denominational Christian fellowship. This church is open to everyone—men, women, the gay community, homeless people, and yes, even atheists. We do not judge nor do we subscribe to the hypocrisies of most churches.
      Our church contributes to a wide variety of charities, and we started a nonprofit organization called, Give Clean Water (check it out on the Internet). We’ve already installed over 5,000 ingenious filtration systems in the Fiji islands that convert polluted, bacteria-infested water into clean, 99% pure drinking water. Our goal is to literally provide clean water for every human on the planet. We also formed what we call a Kindness Task Force, and on a regular basis we venture into poor neighborhoods in the city and give the homeless people food, water, clean socks, sweat shirts, and underwear.

      This communication is a lot longer than I anticipated. Bottom line: don’t judge me based on your experiences with other people, or generalize by labeling me a religious fanatic based on a skewed opinion, and I won’t make any assumptions about you.

  11. Sir Ronald Bradnam

    one physical piece of evidence is all it will take. As with all believers you take it way to personally that other people dont see what you see.
    Just remember this opinions are like arseh….. everyone has one and yours is as good as mine.

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