Political Apathy

Am I the only one sick and tired of anything to do with the upcoming midterm election? Commercial after commercial features some candidate telling us how great he or she is and how incompetent their opponent is. All right, already, glad it’s over on November 2.

Here in California, we have a hotly contested race for Governor. Republican Meg Whitman, ex-E-Bay CEO is running against Democratic candidate, Jerry Brown. Brown has been in the political spotlight for many years in various capacities. Meg Whitman has little or no political experience but brags she’s a billionaire, whatever that has to do with anything relevant.

What I fail to understand is why a successful businessperson believes that running a business is anything like running a city, county, state or country. If the USA was run like a business, we’d all be in for a rude awakening. What puzzles me most is why a wealthy person would spend millions of dollars to be elected to a position that pays $100,000+ a year. The math just doesn’t make sense, nor does it make good business sense. Would a successful business person allow their company to spend 25 million dollars for a measly return?

That leaves only one possibility: the motivation for a Meg Whitman to pursue the Governor’s mansion has to be based solely on ego. What else makes sense? And if this is true, why in the name of all that’s logical would we want an egomaniac elected to a consequential and influential position?

To be honest, with one exception, I haven’t been excited about any candidate in a long, long time. Just about every time I’m standing in the voting booth, I feel as though I base my decision on the lesser of two evils. I reluctantly vote for the candidate who I feel will do the least damage. It’s hard to feel any patriotism when my choices are so few. This Tuesday, maybe I’ll just forget about voting and watch a good movie. But then again, the lesser of two evils is better than the alternative.


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