Short But Sweet

Resuscitation, the sequel to, They Never Die Quietly is about 95% completed. I can smell the finish line. And when it is done, rest assured that my wife and I will enjoy an expensive bottle of bubbly. Of course this is a first draft, so what I face after writing “The End” is a comprehensive edit. I may have mentioned this before, but as one famous book editor puts it, “There is no such thing as good writing; only good rewriting.” So, I still have lots of work ahead of me. But it’s like building a house. I’m nearly done with the construction, but now I have to paint and add the finishing touches.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the 33 Chilean miners trapped in a mine 2,000 feet below the surface for over two months. Well, the workers frantically trying to save their lives joyfully announced that the rescue should begin on Wednesday. One miner at a time will stand in a cage-like cylinder and be slowly pulled up to the surface.

Now that their wait is over and rescue is a reality, the miners are embroiled in a heated argument about the order in which they are rescued because only one miner at a time can be pulled up to the surface while the remaining wait their turn. Here’s what’s fascinating. The miners are not fighting over who should go first, but who should go last. The miners all want to go last so their comrades are rescued first. Isn’t that amazing?  Talk about compassion and selfless actions. I love to hear stories like this because even a cynic like me can have his faith in human nature renewed. Maybe there is hope for the world.



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4 responses to “Short But Sweet

  1. poolagirl

    I keep telling you that people are inherently good, but you never believe me.

  2. Ken

    Well not that I am your editor or anything, but during your post they go from being those who have the occupation of retrieving minerals from underneath the earth’s surface to just being under 18 years of age miner/minor 🙂

  3. Daniel

    Good catch. That’s an Oops.

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