Obama Bashing

Every morning when I’m at the gym doing my cardio workout, I generally watch CNN. But once in a while, when someone beats me to the remote, I’m stuck listening to the one-sided commentaries and interviews on Fox News. How in the name of all that’s reasonable can Fox claim to be “Fair & Balanced”? Not once have I seen an unbiased appraisal of Obama’s performance as President, nor have I heard anyone on Fox praise his accomplishments or efforts.

Do anti-Obama Americans have a short memory? Have they forgotten about the 8 years of madness under President George W. Bush? Have they forgotten about the two wars he started? Have they forgotten how he took a multi-billion dollar surplus and turned it into a staggering, trillion-dollar deficit? Have they forgotten about the financial meltdown, the corruption, sex scandals and unethical conduct of key people within the Bush administration? Have Americans forgiven Bush for defiling our Constitution?

The Tea Party, a group of extremists who act under the guise of patriotism, do everything in their power to discredit and dishonor President Obama. They seem to be leading the charge. Their efforts exemplify the widespread conspiracy against our leader. Clearly, they have a hidden agenda. The Tea Party supporters are not patriots or Americans against socialism. They are, however, radicals. To be fair, I’m certain that many Tea Party supporters have legitimate gripes against Obama’s policies; there will always be a great divide between conservatives and liberals. However, the man has only been in office 20 months, and although I do not completely agree with many of his policies, shouldn’t we support President Obama and give him a chance to dig out of the hole Bush created before we condemn him?

I hope that the true agenda of the Tea Party and other organizations that seem hell-bent on challenging every move President Obama makes is driven by a legitimate concern for America and not by racism. It seems to me that an underlying motive lurks in the shadows. Although we’ve made great progress toward equality in this country, we have a long way to go. I, for one, am going to give the man a chance to prove his worth before passing judgment. How about you?



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6 responses to “Obama Bashing

  1. Ken

    You know I was wondering if I had gone mad, or if I was the only one thinking this? Here is the deal. I didn’t vote for Obama, or feel particularly supportive of his administration to begin with. However, lately I find myself defending him to all his so called supporters. People who originally sung his name like it was a church hymn, and now have hopped on the bandwagon of disdain. I shake my head because considering the “bag of ass” he was handed when Bush left office he is actually doing a pretty good job.

    That being said Obama could be the friggin’ clone of Jack Kennedy, but as long as the economy is sucking he’ll be a Warren G. Harding, sad but true. Still if you examine what he is trying to accomplish and the heat he is taking he really isn’t half bad.

  2. Daniel

    Here’s the main issue: considering all of the factors we’re dealing with–unemployment, the economy, healthcare, two wars, education–all of which are on the front burner, is there anyone in the country capable of doing more than Obama has done and continues to do? That’s the compelling question.

  3. Ken

    No not really.. and the thing is he doesn’t have the power to either there happens to be this silly little document in the way called the constitution. If any of the tea partiers ever picked up and read a copy of the Federalist papers why would know our fore fathers purposely wanted the Executive branch to be the weakest branch of government, practically almost a figurehead. The funny thing is for better or for worse the office the President gets credit for when things are bad and when things are good, but in reality he possesses very little of the power to make change. The one place I will say Obama screwed up is he and congress clearly had a mandate to change things and they didn’t take advantage of it. Instead they opted to “play nice” with the Republicans and wasted valuable time and legislative energy.

  4. Daniel

    Our political system is complicated. And that’s the way politicians want it. Nothing is cut and dry. Everything comes down to, “Let’s Make a Deal”. You vote for my bill, and I’ll vote for yours. Makes little difference whether it’s good for America. We are governed by special interest groups and lobbyists. And I agree that the Executive Office is impotent. However, although I gag at the thought of admitting this, as terrible a president as W. was–likely the worst pres. in history–the son-of-a-bitch got what he wanted. Maybe stupid people aren’t smart enough to play politics. 🙂

  5. Vince

    One thing I’ve learned from watching Campaign Obama vs President Obama is that whatever is going on in DC, it’s way beyond the power of democracy to change.

    I believed, and still believe, that Obama is a good man with good intentions. I also believe when he got into office, someone showed him the reality of how things work in the USA.

    It’s not a matter of right vs left, conservative vs liberal… it’s the ones in power vs the ones who aren’t. I’m afraid people aren’t going to see this until the government starts rounding up people and putting them into the FEMA concentration camps that they’re building all over the country (search YouTube for video).

    Whatever happens, it’s a scary world.

  6. dmannechino

    Your viewpoint is spot-on.

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