You Mosque Be Kidding

Both CNN and Fox News reported that 85% of the American people are closely watching the controversy associated with the proposed Mosque to be built a few blocks away from ground zero, the site of the 9/11 attacks. Few newsworthy issues have captivated so many people. Except, of course, when Tiger Woods got caught in bed with half the women in the free world. We do love dirty laundry. 

I don’t know the exact numbers, but the country is pretty much divided on the Mosque  issue. On the left, the liberals are pointing to the Constitution and quoting the freedoms all Americans enjoy. On the right, the Conservatives are having a coronary, claiming that building a Mosque so close to ground zero is tantamount to treason. 

Both sides have valid arguments. And both sides are right. Here lies the quandary. Muslims do have the right to build a Mosque anywhere they please, provided they comply with all City of New York ordinances and legal guidelines for construction. On the other hand, it’s hard for anyone to ignore the emotional relationship between 9/11 and Islam. How could any New Yorker not be infuriated? So, what’s the answer? 

I’m huge on rights, freedom, and anything related to the Constitution. In fact, sometimes I wish we would reinstate the original document without all the amendments and modifications. What started out to be one of the most brilliantly-drafted documents in history, has been tattered and torn by our elected officials. But that’s an issue for another post. 

Muslims worldwide are trying desperately to segregate themselves from the extremists that promote violence, and to build a bridge to span the differences between Islam and western nations. They claim that they are a peace-loving religion and that Islam does not support terrorism. My question is this: of all the possible sites for this Mosque in New York City—and there are many choices—they decided to build it only blocks from ground zero, knowing full well that over 8 million New Yorkers, not to mention more than half the country, would go berserk? Isn’t this decision a little “in your face”? 

If Muslims truly wanted to promote peace and mutual understanding with the western world, wouldn’t it have been a noble gesture for them to say, “You know what, the site near ground zero is an ideal location for our Mosque. However, knowing the sensitivity that all Americans feel toward 9/11, out of respect, Islam will not consider this site for our Mosque.” 

I’m 100% for freedom. But in extreme situations, common sense and respect must trample all over our rights.



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6 responses to “You Mosque Be Kidding

  1. poolagirl

    Trample. Interesting word.

  2. JAC

    It may be “legal” to have a Mosque built beside Ground Zero but it is completely wrong. As a New Yorker, I feel vehement about this issue.

  3. Daniel

    Me too. (Obviously)

  4. EDC

    This whole issue is so interesting to me.

    Freedom turns out to be a slippery slope.

    Freedom is something that most Americans hold dear… the freedom to express that they disagree with the idea of building a sacred place of worship in a particular location… the freedom to express that they think the government is too involved in our everyday lives… the freedom to vote out elected representatives who do not share our views… here in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

    Right or wrong is something completely subjective… and, once again, thankfully, we have the freedom to express our subjective views.

    But, if you care about the concept of Freedom, one should think about the implications of restricting another group’s freedom as if the pitchfork-wielding masses were trying to keep YOU from building your sacred place of worship in the location your congregation had selected in complete compliance with the local laws.

    Once you have put yourself in that position… do you still feel free?

    Freedom… you either love it and respect it as a part of our American life… or you are a hypocrite, in my humble, subjective opinion.

    • JAC

      Nope, I don’t feel like a hypocrite. I believe they have a right to build their mosque near Ground Zero. I also believe that it would be completely & utterly disrespectful to those who died at Ground Zero & their loved ones.

    • Daniel

      JAC said it perfectly. Freedom is one issue I strongly endorse as evidenced by my post. However, more freedom begs for more scrutiny. Freedom is grand, but in certain situations, common sense must prevail.

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