Making Progress

The last time I posted to my blog, a chronic case of writer’s block had a hold of me. Well, I’m happy to say that chronic has turned into slight. The creative juices are flowing but not as much as I’d like. When I retired on April 1st, I thought the whole writing gig would be a breeze. Well, I have to admit that it’s often more difficult than working a “real job”.   

I don’t have to cope with traditional corporate politics, incompetent bosses, or pain-in-the-ass colleagues, but I do have to deal with the politics of publishing. I still have to deal with an agent, editors, publishers, and of course, my readers. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining. I’m merely trying to point out that there is some truth the adage: “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” 

Another issue with working independently as opposed to a traditional job is the amount of discipline it requires. Think it’s tough sitting in an office and looking outside at the bright blue sky, knowing that you can’t just leave and go to the beach or cycle to your favorite park? Well, how do you think it feels to know that the only thing stopping you from shutting down the computer and heading for the Pacific Ocean is self discipline?

I generally write four or five hours a day. Sometimes I can write nearly 2,000 words in this timeframe; other times I can barely put two sentences together. A writer cannot predict if the creative juices will flow on any particular day, until he or she is sitting in front of the computer screen. It’s just you and a stark white page. You hope that what’s in your head can find its way to your fingers. 

So, thus far I’ve written over 41,000 words in Resuscitation, the sequel to They Never Die Quietly, which is likely the halfway point. I sent the first half of the novel to my agent for his evaluation. He could say that he loves it and that I should continue writing in the same way, or he could say it’s food for the local recycling bin. Either way, I’ve got lots of work to do. I already told my wife that when this book is finished, I’m going to veg-out for two months, park my butt in front of the TV, watch soap operas, and munch chocolate bon-bons.  I’m ready to live the life of a couch potato.



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5 responses to “Making Progress

  1. Joyce Ortis

    Dear Mr. Annechino: I finished your book “They Never Die Quietly” last night and am so impressed with your work. I love a book that I can’t put down because it keeps you on the edge of your seat. I searched for a long time for this book and it was well worth it. As one of your fans I can’t wait to read “Resuscitation”. In reading your blog today I never gave much thought to “writer’s block” but it seems more real now. Hopefully you can finish “Resuscitation” soon. I am so anxious to read it. You are a great writer, please keep up the good work.


    • dmannechino

      I can’t thank you enough for your kind words. It’s comments like yours that drive me. Writing can be a lonely business. But when a writer hears his readers praise his or her work, it makes the effort worthwhile. Thank you so much. By the way, I’m 56,000 words into Resuscitation and hope to have it completed this fall. I can’t tell you when it will be published, but keep checking my web site for updates.

      Best regards,


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  3. Hey Daniel

    I really like your work. We ( have just made an article of your newest Resuscitation on our blog and therefore also linked our viewers to this – your own blog. We try to collect all the data we can on selected book titles – gathering reviews, news, links and interviews for people to have at one place.

    Anyways … keep on writing. 🙂

    By the way… is there a video trailer on its way like the one that was made for They Never Die Quietly?

    Have a great day!

    • dmannechino

      Comments like yours really make my day. Thank you so much for your support. My publisher (for a number of reasons) decided not to do a video for Resuscitation. I wasn’t happy. But when they told me that this book is ranked #1 in Kindle sales in the UK, I guess that not doing a video hasn’t hurt my sales. It’s all about results.

      Thanks again.


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