I Lied

Okay, we’ve been down this road before and I’ve vehemently proclaimed that I would make every effort to update my blog regularly. But, I haven’t been a good boy. I could play the 1,001 excuses game like I’ve done before, but that would only bore you to tears. I do, however, have a valid excuse. May I explain?

Basically, I retired from my “day job” on April 1st. Now wait a minute you might be mumbling. If I retired, wouldn’t I have more time on my hands? Wouldn’t I be able to update every day, without fail or lame excuses? On the surface, it might appear that way. In reality, it just doesn’t work. I have never been so pressed for time. And I’m not quite sure if I fully understand why.

Right now, I’m in Rochester, New York, visiting family. However, a casual visit is not my objective. I’m searching for a home because my wife and I—after careful evaluation and hours of intense conversation—have decided to move back to my hometown. Yes, we’re leaving beautiful San Diego and moving to the second cloudiest city in the country; relocating to a city where it’s not unusual to see the wind chill factor hit 20 below zero; where the lake-effect snow storms drop truckloads of snow and the drifts are ten-feet tall; where the summer humidity can take your breath away. If you’re not questioning my sanity by now, you’re not paying attention.

So, why are we leaving paradise and moving to the “frozen tundra”? In a word: family. Blood is thicker than sunshine. Both my wife and I have many close personal friends in San Diego, and it’s going to be tough to leave them. But our roots are in New York and I always find myself speechless when I’m visiting family and one of my grandkids asks, “Grandpa, why do you live in California?” How do you tell an eight-year-old that you’d rather be lying in the sun 3,000 miles away than sitting with him in front of a warm fire and watching Finding Nemo?

I guess I’ve drifted off topic because I was supposed to be explaining why I haven’t posted in such a long time. Truth is that I’m just a poor time manager. I spend way too many hours focusing on the “B” and “C” priorities in my life, while the “A’s” go unattended. Maybe I just need a swift kick in the butt. Or better yet, maybe I need a personal assistant to help me manage my time. Anyone interested in the job? The pay is crappy and the hours long, but when I’m a bestselling novelist I promise to give you an autographed copy of my latest novel—free of charge.






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5 responses to “I Lied

  1. your sis, Ro

    I’m glad you are moving back home, but I will turn my phone off from Nov. til April, because I know you will be complaining about the cold weather.
    I hate it more and more every year.
    Being closer to your family will more than make up for the cold.

    • Daniel

      Well, Sis, I’m not so sure I’m going to survive the winters. Since I’ve been here, I’ve been freezing my butt off. And it’s April! Can’t imagine what it’s like in February. Is it too late to change my mind and stay in San Diego?

  2. your sis, Ro

    I guess its something you really, really need to think about.

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