Where’s my Ark?

I moved to California in 1993, and through all these years I have never seen rainstorms like this. Ugly grey skies. Blustery winds. Buckets of rain. If I didn’t know better, I’d think I was back in my hometown: Rochester, N.Y.—second only to Seattle for the title of cloudiest city in the country. 

Times like this really make me appreciate typical San Diego weather. Year after year we enjoy 300+ days of sunshine, blue skies, ocean breezes and low humidity. Yet when we have to deal with a rainstorm we bellyache like a child. We are so spoiled. 

I remember my first winter here. I was watching the local news when suddenly a red banner crawled across the screen, warning of a major winter storm. I stood by the window, waiting for something to happen. It rained hard for an hour and then the sun came out. Major storm? Are they kidding me, I thought? Anyone who complains about San Diego winters needs a reality check. 

When the wind chill factor is below zero, snow is drifted up to the gutters, and the wind whistles through the eaves, trust me, that’s winter. Every San Diegan who ever complained about our weather should spend a few months in the Northeast or Midwest in February. I guarantee that they would never complain again about a silly rainstorm.  

Now where the hell is my umbrella?



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  1. poolagirl

    I generated a photo for you! Leave me a comment and see!

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