Coming Together

As the release date for my novel quickly approaches (February 16th), the reality of it all seems surreal. I know I harp on this issue more than I should, but try to imagine what it would be like if you went to bed an average working soul, and woke up a bestselling author.

I have no preconceived notions or lofty expectations about overnight success. And although the odds are against me when you realistically weigh all the factors, there is a possibility, slim as it might be, for my novel to take off. I’m not talking Dan Brown success, but noteworthy success.

Since first signing the contract with Amazon Encore, each day opened a new door. E-mail after e-mail, phone call after phone call unfolded a perfect script; almost as if I controlled the direction of my life. Today was yet another exciting day.

My publicist sent me an e-mail and told me that six different bookstores in San Diego want a copy of my novel. If they like it they will not only order some books for their inventory, they will also agree to a book signing. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to sit down at a table and autograph books. It has to be a total rush. But the thought of it does evoke a little fear.

What does an author write when he/she signs a book? Are there standard phrases and scripted sentences? How much should you write? One sentence? A paragraph? And on what page do you sign the book? I actually searched the Internet for advice but couldn’t really find anything specific. I don’t want to be boring, yet I would like to write more than, “Thanks for buying my book.”

Any suggestions?



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8 responses to “Coming Together

  1. poolagirl

    You’ll think of something! See how fast this train is rolling?


    Thats great news bro. I think “Thanks for buying my Book” says it all. Or just something like “Enjoy”. You’ll be doing a lot of writing so keep it short and sweet.

  3. JAC

    How about…”Keep the lights on..& your eyes open for the next thriller.”???

  4. Ken

    How about..”That’s How I roll Bitches” The D-Man!

    little strong?

    Then how about
    “I prithee thou mayest find my humble manuscript worthy of your most discerning eye” then return the book while genuflecting.

    too formal?

    ok Fine..” Thank you so much for buying my book..You Rock!! Dan

    🙂 Oh the travails of successful authors how to sign books…is there too much face makeup on for my interview??…which fork do I use first? Its amazing they all don’t go mad under the pressure!

    • dmannechino

      Yes, it does seem a bit trivial for me to be so concerned about how I sign a book. However, this is my maiden voyage and I want to pave the way for a loyal following. I don’t think your first two suggestions would get the job done. But you sure do have a twisted brain. 🙂 Have you ever considered writing?

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