No Excuses

Well, if you’re a regular visitor to my blog, then I’m sure you noticed that I haven’t written a dang-blasted word since January 2nd. I could engage in a full-blown tirade of how busy I’ve been, or how hard I tried to write but got caught up in other tasks. I could claim to have writer’s block. And I could even tell you I’ve been held hostage for over a week. But I’d rather come clean. Basically, I just wasn’t motivated. Pure and simple.

Even writers sometimes don’t want to write. Such was the case with me. I did, however, force myself to write the text for the link “About Daniel”. It’s a bit autobiographical, but my intent was to give my readers a brief overview of where I was and how I got to where I am. Read it. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Switching gears, I reconnected with a guy I haven’t seen in nearly two decades. Back in the 80’s Rich and I worked together in the automobile business. He is also a writer; a very talented writer. Writing may be the common denominator that built our friendship. Rich has been operating a successful resume writing business for years, but he just finished a book and wants to pursue publication.

My son was one of the many victims of the General Motors meltdown and lost his job a few months back. Believing that Rich was still writing resumes, I referred my son to him.  Naturally, when Rich saw my son’s last name, he asked about me and my son brought him up to speed on my publishing contract with Amazon Encore.  Naturally, Rich wanted to hear my story. A few days later, I opened my e-mail and found a letter from Rich. We set up a time to talk on the telephone and I bent his ear for nearly an hour.

After speaking to Rich, I got to thinking about friendships. But in particular about how many friends we make over the years, only for them to fade away. People move. Change jobs. Get married. And suddenly someone close to you is no longer part of your life. It’s not with intent that the communication stops. It’s just that sometimes we get so caught up in the nitty-gritty part of our lives that we don’t pay attention to our friendships and do nothing to sustain them. One day leads to a week, and then to a month, and before you know it you haven’t spoken to certain friends for years.

I can think of a dozen people I haven’t spoken to in years. Maybe it’s time for me to go through my contact list and seek out some long-lost friends. How about you?



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4 responses to “No Excuses

  1. poolagirl

    Some people stick and some people don’t. Distance and time are the only ways to find out.

  2. Daniel

    But in every relationship, one person always works harder than the other to keep it afloat.

  3. JAC

    That is usually true. The question is…What’s it worth TO YOU?

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