Fair and Balanced?

Every morning when I go to the gym and do a 30-minute cardio workout, I either listen to music on my iPod or watch the news on the TV monitor. I have no control over what station is tuned in, and it seems that more often than not the particular TV in front of the system I use is generally tuned to Fox News. I’ve never been a fan of this station, but in an effort to remain objective, I endure.

The Fox News credo is the claim that their programming is fair and balanced, which in my mind means there’s no bias and that they try to represent both the conservative and liberal points of view. May I be candid here by saying that Fox News is about as fair and balanced as Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity & Rush Limbaugh combined?

From what I observe on a daily basis, Fox News has one primary agenda: to discredit everything that President Obama does or did. Now mind you, I’m not a big Obama fan. I do support him but my enthusiasm has cooled down considerably now that I’ve had a chance to compare his campaign promises with his actions as president. For the most part, the changes he promised are nothing more than faint memories. But to his credit, he took office while two wars raged, the economy was gripped by recession, and we faced a total financial meltdown. Although I don’t agree with the blank-check-method used to bail out the financial markets, he should at least be applauded for taking positive measures to stabilize the economy.

But Fox News rarely has anything positive to say about President Obama; they second-guess and Monday-morning-quarterback everything he says and does. This man walked into the oval office after 8 years of fiscal madness and perhaps the most secretive, corrupt administration in history. Whether you supported Bush’s policies or not, no one can argue with the compelling facts that this administration was a total disaster. Yet while Bush was in office, Fox News represented him as a great president. If that’s fair and balanced, my name is Ernest Hemingway.



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2 responses to “Fair and Balanced?

  1. poolagirl

    Obama and I pretty much walked into the same situation – only mine is a museum.

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