Getting Old

Okay, I’ve got to let off a little steam. I’m really growing weary of my doctor blaming every ache and pain and hiccup on age. Yes, as we get older, body functions slow down or fail, and certain ailments get the best of us. But can we blame everything on age? My doctor seems to think you can. Whenever I bring up any health issue (even an ingrown toenail), she gets that annoying grin, shakes her head and says, “It’s just an age thing.” Well, I for one am not quite ready to buy into this theory. At least not completely. 

My cardiologist subscribes to an interesting premise. He believes that when “Mother Nature” created humans (I don’t think he believes in God), it was her intent that we live no more than 40 years; long enough to proliferate the species and nurture our offspring. His claim is that the reason we suffer from so many ailments as we get older is because we weren’t supposed to live to be 80 or 90. 

Apparently, Mother Nature in all her wisdom, didn’t factor in medical technology. She never predicted that medical advancements would extend our lives; double them actually. So if this theory holds water, why haven’t we found a way for us to maintain a youthful quality of life even when we’re old plow horses? If medical technology has doubled our lives, why can’t it produce a fountain of youth? 

I’d like to write more, but the prune cake I ate for breakfast is kicking into high gear.



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4 responses to “Getting Old


    Good question. Maybe a fountain of youth will happen, but not in our lifetime.
    As for your dr., I think its time to find another one. Maybe soon, when you move back home, you will find a good NY doctor.

  2. Ken

    First off the theory that we are not supposed to live past 40 is bunk!! Nothing but bad Science we are humans not Mayflies!! The fact of the matter is the human male is capable of spreading his genes well into his 70’s and 80’s and it has actually happened ( sorry females 40 might hold true to you :-). Seriously, if you examine my last comical statement think about the hole that pokes in your Doc’s theory. Females live longer than men, but their ability to propagate the species drops Way before men. it starts to become dangerous in their 40’s and the ability drops off precipitously in their 50’s , and yet they live longer. If there is any truth to what is written in the bible then we know humans used to live a lot longer.

    Ask yourself why does a Desert Tortoise live so long? From an evolutionary standpoint there is no real argument that it cannot sufficiently procreate in its first hundred years.

    Tell your doctor that the only old around here is her thinking, and find a new doctor.

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