Are You Ready for Some Football?

Well, it’s Sunday morning, just got home from the gym and I’m going to veg-out for the rest of the day. As always is the case on Autumn Sundays, I’m looking forward to watching the San Diego Chargers kick the Dallas Cowboys’ butts. We’re playing in Dallas, which obviously gives the Cowboys an edge, but nevertheless, I’m cocky-confident we will have our way with them. The Chargers have had some hapless seasons, but they definitely have a shot at winning the division, and who knows, maybe even the Super Bowl. Win or lose; I’m a loyal fan.

I’ve always been a bit confused about sports and fans and their loyalties. I can understand why one would be loyal to their city by supporting their local teams. That just makes sense. I live in San Diego, hence, I’m a Chargers and Padres fan. But if you live in New York and are a loyal Oakland Raiders fan, what’s that all about? If you once lived in Oakland, or your favorite aunt lives there, or you were born and raised there, I’m cool with that. But city loyalty due to some relationship doesn’t seem to be the driving force.

When I was a kid, living in Upstate New York, I absolutely loved the Yankees. But I loved them because of Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra and other Hall-of-Famers. But just as soon as the Yankees became a big money team, buying and selling players as if they were chattel, I suddenly found myself a Boston Red Sox fan by default. If you hate the Yankees, naturally you love their archrival. No?

So, what’s the deal with supporting a sports team when you have no association or relationship to the team or the city whatsoever? Players and coaches come and go, so it can’t be the team itself. And suppose there’s a player you absolutely hate and that player is traded to your favorite team? Then what?

I guess the only thing that makes sense is that if you support a team, win or lose, and remain a diehard fan through thick and thin, then it must be that you like the teams’ uniforms. Of course, over the years even uniforms change so I guess I’m back to square one. By the way, even if I move back to New York, I’ll always be a San Diego Chargers and Padres fan. But I will always hate them damn Yankees.




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6 responses to “Are You Ready for Some Football?

  1. Ken

    I’ll take a shot at this here. So I grew up in New York too. However in Syracuse all we had were the Chiefs a minor league baseball team that was a farm team for the Yankees. The Yankees were my first love and always be you never forget your first. Oh and I never was a Bills fan I was a Steelers fan growing up. I had a Steeler’s letterman type jacket and my terrible towel.

    Out here on the left coast for a while I still love my Yanks, but I also love/hate the Giants and I figger I can justify that because they are a National League team. However, I did become a hardcore 49’ers fan and I still am although it has been years of misery and pain lately. Currently, I live near Sacramento which really has no major sports teams except for the Kings and well they don’t count 😀 Seriously, since I have no major affiliation doesn’t that make me a free agent?

    The reality is this your argument made sense when attending live sports games was an affordable entertainment and respite for the common man. It was a place where all could go, bond, and bring family. The truth of the matter unfortunately is attending live sports events, let alone owning season tickets is truly the become the purview of the upper middle class and wealthy. Therefore, those died-in-the-wool working class fans that used to attend stay home and watch games on TV now, and with the ability to just change the channel so easily…well I am just sayin’ it is just as easy to switch loyalties too. Things ain’t what they used to be.

    • Daniel

      I can dig where you’re coming from, Ken. But in spite of your reasoning, I still can’t figure out why someone living in San Diego, who has no connection whatsoever to let’s say Florida, can still be a diehard Dolphin fan.

      • Ken

        Well if it helps ..My Son became a Green Bay fan in his teen years as a pure act of rebellion…had is room painted Green and Yellow, the Big puffy Green Bay jacket and everything. It made me mad…seriously. I burned a cheese head in effigy…jerk! 🙂

  2. poolagirl

    I hate football.

  3. Daniel

    I didn’t think you hated anything except violence and clown shoes. I learn something new every day.

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