Tiger by the Tail

Unless you live in vacuum, you’ve probably heard the buzz about Tiger Woods. The billionaire golfer, who up to this point in his career has been lily-white clean, has joined the ranks of the infamous. I make no judgments, nor do I pretend to know the real story behind the scandal. But what I do know is that he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar, crumbs all over his face, and when confronted, he made a huge tactical error by remaining inquisitively silent. 

If history has proven anything about the rich and famous, it’s proven that playing true confessions right up front before the suspicions start bubbling to the surface, gets you more sympathy and forgiveness than trying to weasel your way out of a sticky situation with lies and a closed mouth. 

David Letterman spilled the beans before anyone even knew there were beans. And yes, the Internet and news media buzzed for a couple of weeks. But it settled down quickly and I think he has pretty much preserved his reputation. People cheat. People steal. People drink and do drugs. But admitting that you screwed up shows character. And character generally earns forgiveness. 

Tiger Woods blew it. He has tarnished his spotless reputation. People will forget. And some will forgive. But he has forever compromised his integrity and moral fiber. However, in spite of his wayward path, he and his wife are working out their differences. They will celebrate Christmas by sending their family and friends a photo greeting card. And I just happen to have an advanced copy.  



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4 responses to “Tiger by the Tail

  1. poolagirl

    Oh, you shit! You had me going!

  2. Ken

    That’s awesome he should probably avoid using the wood for a while and stick to the irons

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