Creepy Enough?

Since launching my web site/blog in early October, those in the know—my publicist, the PR gal from Amazon Encore, and other notable marketing gurus—have insisted that my site is not creepy enough. It stands to reason that an author who created one of the most diabolical series killers ever to live on the pages of a novel, should have a site that screams creepy. 

Well, I’m anything but a web site designer. In fact, other than my ability to upload daily posts and adding an occasional photo, I’m basically retarded when it comes to anything even remotely close to web site design or management. Thank God, my dear friend and “savior” Paula, held my hand throughout the design and upkeep process, and basically did 98% of the work. What I really love about Paula is her willingness to help. When I call her and ask if she can add this or modify that, she virtually drops what she’s doing and tackles it immediately. 

So, I sent her a few photos, shared my concept with her, and voilà! Just like magic she changed the home page from boring to creepy. But is it creepy enough? Will visitors get the message that They Never Die Quietly takes the whole thriller genre to a new level of evil? Only you, my readers, can truly answer this question. Should I leave it alone? Should I modify it? Change an image? Use a different background color? Any suggestions? What say you?



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12 responses to “Creepy Enough?

  1. poolagirl

    I think it needs more creep. I’m not a designer, but I did the best I could within the limitations of the template. It might be time for your own website. Then, a good designer can do a LOT more!

  2. I like this very much. I just a thought though.

    I think the picture of the bloody eye should be incorporated into the homepage also. I like that picture….and I like the other one too. I think the picture of the cross should go in the left corner and the eye on the other side, both in the red banner. Then the picture of the book off to the side of your home page. Just my pee brain thoughts.


    I definately like the eye, its pretty cool where it is. It was also a good idea to change your book cover. I like it.
    I pre-ordered your new book last week, and looking forward to read it.

  4. Daniel

    So, you’re going to read it again?!


    Sure, why not. There are some changes, right?

  6. Melody

    It works for me. Happy sales, Daniel

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