Not Enough Hours in the Day

Okay, I admit it. My time management skills are terrible. Although I really try to prioritize, at the end of the day my To-Do list only grows but never decreases. Although I can blame my lack of productivity on several factors, the main problem is my addiction to TV. I can sit in front of that damn big screen 12 maybe 14 hours a day and click through the 350 channels over and over and over, many times never even watching anything in its entirety.

You may not consider TV an addiction, but believe me when I tell you; it is just as insidious as alcohol and drugs. The consequences may not be the same, but make no mistake about it, TV addiction is very real and just as difficult to quit as smoking cigarettes. Add to this addiction my propensity to procrastinate and you have all the ingredients for time-management-hell.

They say that the initial step in overcoming an addiction is to first acknowledge that you actually have one. So, the fact that I am publically admitting I’m a TV-aholic should be my first step towards slaying this dragon, no? If so, how come I know that in spite of my confession and all the important tasks I have before me I will likely watch the Charger’s game this afternoon, burn three hours, and afterwards, look at the list of programs recorded on my two DVR’s (yes, this is not a typo; I have two DVR’s), and spend the rest of the evening watching nothing in particular but enjoying every click of the remote control?

Many years ago when I was a general manager in the retail automotive business, I was pretty darn good at strategically prioritizing and managing my time. At the end of the day, I actually felt as though I accomplished something. Of course, back then a “big screen TV” was 27 inches; there were no DVR’s; and 6-speaker surround sound systems didn’t exist. Not to mention that cable TV hadn’t been invented yet and the selection of stations was in single digits.

I guess that I can justifiably attribute my addition to 21st century technology, right? I take no responsibility. I’m merely a victim of the entertainment industry, a helpless casualty caught in a web. I can blame my addition on that damn remote control, and HD, and vivid color, and Blue Ray DVD’s.  So when Amazon Encore knocks on my door asking for the sequel to They Never Die Quietly, I can say, “Shh, I’m watching MASH reruns.”






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4 responses to “Not Enough Hours in the Day

  1. poolagirl

    Hang out with me for a week. I watch Jeopardy maybe 2 nights a week. And that’s it. Kaputzski. Done.


    Never mind watching TV. Its time to start writing!

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