Another Day in Paradise

In less than an hour I’ll be on Freeway 5 fighting traffic on my way to Anaheim. I’m scheduled to participate in the huge solar conference being held at the Anaheim Convention Center. A few fellow colleagues and I are working the Go Solar California booth. I don’t mind functions like this; you get to meet a few interesting people. But what I do mind is driving anywhere near LA. It’s the only city where you can find total gridlock on the freeway at 3:00 am. What’s that all about? 

My ailing cat, Alex, had a pretty good day yesterday. My wife and I found another food that she likes even though her kidney problem is suppressing her appetite. Seems that in addition to the prime cuts of beef in gravy, she has a penchant for fishy tuna. Hey, as long as she eats, I don’t care if she wants limburger cheese and red onion sandwiches. 

This post is going to have to be short and sweet. I must prepare for my adventure on the freeway to LA. Why doesn’t someone invent a time machine—something like the transporters they use in Star Trek. Sure would make traveling a lot easier. Then again, I’d hate to get inside one of these machines with a housefly.

Jeff Goldblum


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  1. Ken

    Don’t envy you there LA traffic sucks now and will always likely suck. Well of course until they invent the flying car. Which will only make all the high speed chases even more entertaining to watch!

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