Office Politics

Those who know me well have heard my rants about Washington politics.  I have little patience for the incompetence of our elected officials and hold a dim view of their principles. Although this morning’s paper riled me to fury, I won’t bore you with another political tirade. Instead, let me bitch about corporate culture.

I’m anything but a spring chicken; been around the block a few times. During my life I’ve worked on construction, I held upper-management positions in the retail automotive business, I worked for a highly regarded university, and I held several positions with two Fortune 100 companies. 

Although there are obvious differences in the dynamics of dissimilar work environments, there are a few common denominators. In my experience I have noted that ass-kissing gets you a lot farther than productivity. And it applies to ditch diggers as well as commercial pilots. Time and time again I’ve seen ass-kissers climb the ladder of success while the worker bees rot in the same dead-end position. Hard work does not always yield success and advancement. But ass-kissing generally opens lots of doors.

If you think I’m tainted or that my premise is invalid, take a look around your office and make note of those who have “earned” a key to the executive washroom. Did they get there because they worked their little butts off or because they sucked up to the top banana?

So here’s today’s compelling question: if I become successful as a writer and make enough money to quit my “day job”, whose ass do I kiss to get ahead?



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4 responses to “Office Politics


    you won’t have to kiss anyone’s ass if you are a successful writer. thats making it all on your own.

    • Ken

      Well if you are flexible enough I suppose you could kiss your own..I am pretty sure there is a yoga position for that! Also your Banana line is fairly Freudian and with a little twist you could open another door on how some others “rise” to the top. I call these people “Cults of Personality” in general they have very little substance or even academic acumen.

      However, they are not to be totally disregarded. The study of their behavior is worthwhile. Why? because if anything they are survivors. If you can combine what they do politically with real know-how one can become a real solid achiever and producer even as much as a force to be reckoned with and a respected leader.

    • Daniel

      I hope you’re right!

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