Bon Voyage

Well, tomorrow afternoon my wife and I leave for the Mexican Riviera on Holland America for a 7-day cruise. Vacations are always a refreshing break from the trials and tribulations of life. But this one in particular couldn’t have come at a more ideal time. Did you ever have one of those periods when everything in your life was stressful to the 10th power?

Work has been a bear; working with my literary agent, publisher and publicist preparing for the re-launch of my novel in January has turned up the heat on my stress level as well. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining; I’m merely trying to point out that my blood pressure medication is really being tested.

The Amazon editor I’m working with just sent me four preliminary cover designs for They Never Die Quietly. Without a second thought, it was easy for me to eliminate two choices. But the two remaining pose a difficult decision. Cover design is critical to strategic marketing. With my novel, we’re definitely going for “creepy”. If you’ve read the book you know why.

Okay, it’s time for me to check out. If I find some time during the cruise, I’ll try to post a few updates. But don’t be surprised if I vanish for a week.



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12 responses to “Bon Voyage

  1. The dark one, Uncle Daniel. The other one looks like a Michael Crichton novel.


    Hey bro, we like the white one



  4. Ken

    Hey Dan,

    Love the blog. WordPress is a good choice oh an welcome to the world of blogging. Enjoy your vacation it sounds absolutely wonderful. I was house sitting for some friends who just came back from Cozumel and they said the weather and water were perfect.
    As for cover choice. I like the first one. It is cleaner and draws my eye to the title whereas the other one distracts from the title.

  5. Ken

    Oh and one more thing I believe WordPress has comment validation that uses Captcha. You going to want to turn that on sooner rather than later. As your blog starts to get more popular you will soon find spam in your comment section if you do not.

    Good Luck…P.S. I am going to add this to the list of blogs I follow which should throw some more traffic your way 🙂

    • dmannechino

      Thanks for the valuable feedback, Ken. Just got back from the cruise and have a gazillion things to get done. Thanks also for the link. Just in case you hadn’t noticed, your blog is listed in the “Blogroll” on the right side of my site.

  6. mmcginty

    Go with the white one!

  7. mmcginty

    Follow up:

    When I was faced with a similar choice – I brought all my possible covers to a party (I had a total of 4) and laid them out on a table and watched to see which one people picked up first. Imagine it as a test in a book store. By a large margin, the people picked up the same cover, the one I ended up using. You might want to try the “love at first sight” mock-book store test!”

    • dmannechino

      Thanks for the excellent feedback, Mark. I’ve gotten lots of great responses on the virtual interview. Terrific job. I appreciate all your help.

  8. Steve DiMarco

    Hi Dan,

    Being in the printing and graphics biz for many years, I thought I’d give you my two cents on the cover designs. First off, both designs are well done.

    The authors that I’ve sat down with through the years who wanted printing done for there books or manuels all had two cover versions a dark more detailed one and a cleaner or lighter one, most of them always went for the darker versions because it was always there favorite because of the design detail and colors.

    Some of them did test’s in bookstores and the results were not what they suspected-the lighter versions out sold the darker versions two to one.

    Why?, when your book is sitting up on a retail bookshelf the darker covers seem to get lost among all the other book’s on the shelf, they all start to blend together since most books have detailed four color covers, which means your title is harder to read and see.

    The lighter book covers stick out like a sore thumb and cathes the consumers eye, resulting in your book standing out among the competition, and in the end getting more sales for your book.

    So from the experience I’ve seen, I don’t think you could go wrong with the lighter cover.

    • dmannechino

      Thanks for the valuable feedback. Just got back from the cruise and trying to catch up. I’ll probably be up till midnight! Lots of e-mails to answer. Thanks again.

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