Hanging by my Fingernails

Well, it is alleged that Amazon Encore is scheduled to re-launch my novel in January, 2010. I know that my perceptions are all out of whack right now, but it might as well be December of 2020. The days are crawling by so slowly that it seems like I’m living in another dimension. I guess when you’ve waited so long for something you’ve wanted for so long, well, time moves at a snail’s pace.

I should be thankful for this window of time because I have dozens of tasks to perform before my book makes its second debut. You can read all about it if you click on “All About the Book”. I really don’t like all of the marketing and promotional stuff that goes hand in hand with writing a book. If I had my druthers I’d be much happier just writing and collecting royalty checks. But that’s not the way the book business works. In this day and age you could write the next Great American Novel, and if it isn’t strategically promoted and marketed, it will surely die on the vine.

The sad thing, of course, is that some pretty awful books make it to the New York Times Bestseller list—not because of their literary value, but because the marketing people were brilliant. It’s a sad commentary on the evolution—or should I say regression—of the publishing world. There was a time when you could rely on the Bestseller list to point you in the direction of a great read. Any book listed on the Top 10 was a winner. That is no longer the case.

Over the last decade I’ve read at least 20 contemporary novels that hit the Top 10, and I wouldn’t give you a sack of potatoes for the whole lot of them. As a writer, I can no longer read a book as a reader. When I read, I edit in my head and am often taken out of the story because of a particularly bad narrative or laborious description or stilted dialogue. In spite of my dim opinion of many bestselling novels, droves of people buy them, read them, and move on to the next one on their Most-Wanted-List. So maybe, just maybe these books aren’t as bad as I think. Perhaps it’s me. Maybe I need to find a way to read as a reader. But how does a writer hang up his writing cap and put on his reader’s cap?



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4 responses to “Hanging by my Fingernails

  1. Roomie

    Keep hangin in there buddy. All good things come to those who wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.


    I read some bad ones, too. Its hard to believe my brother is on his way to fortune and fame. Way to GO

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